Monday, April 6, 2009

The ET Crossword No. 4208 Friday, April 03, 2009

Grid @


1 Weather conditions disrupting mail, etc. (7) CLIMATE*

5 Fears being near the end in charity (6) AL(AR)MS

9 Felt pain again when an end was attained (7) RE ACHED

10 Chinese dog given the German fish stew (7) CHOW DER

11 Reduced share (3) CUT

12 The pile Anne made very big (11) ELEPHANTINE*

13 Hard work we put in one day (5) SWEAT

14 Young footballer with his strange heartless lady behaving in frisky style (9) COLT ISH LY

16 In charge of an animal, in charge of a country (9) IC ELAND IC

17 Capital ring presented by a lover (5) ROME O

19 Delicious enough to steal from an orchard (11) SCRUMPTIOUS

22 Make lace into something tasteless (3) TAT

23 Corrupt head's involvement with cub (7) DE(B)A(UC)H

24 Yes, worried about call for one being needed to give an injection (7) SY(RING)E

26 Margaret providing the best spinner (3-3) PEG-TOP

27 Hardy heroine hiding awful rig that makes her to look a beast (7) T(IGR)ESS


1 South African transport bill held up in capital (7) CA RAC AS <-

2 Not a good name for a top Russian (4,3,8) IVAN THE TERRIBLE

3 Like hot particles of lava (3) AS H

4 Provide with a couple of points as expected (5) EN DUE

5 Chico and Lola dancing, drunk (9) ALCOHOLIC*

6 It could be the start of something big and shady (5) ACORN

7 Time to start a new day show (8,7) MIDNIGHT MATINEE

8 Frightening with quiet movements (6) CREEPY

12 Unkonwn having to tear madly around as a film figure (5) E(X)TRA

14 Position of trainee having to patch side needing repair (9) CADETSHIP*

15 As a Welshman I would take a chance on failing to finish (5) ID RIS(-K)

16 Hidden among the players (6) IN SIDE

18 Lout set off to provide possibilities of escape (7) OUTLETS*

20 Height of a horse (5) MOUNT

21 Attack in front of the film cameras (5) ON SET

25 Outfit ordered away from the troops (3) RIG

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The ET Crossword No. 4204 Friday, April 03, 2009

Grid @


1 Triumph of the good loser (5,7) MORAL VICTORY

8 Churchman keeping quiet about disagreement (7) P ON TIFF

9 The excitement of a gamble (7) FLUTTER

11 Our turn to strike with dismissed rig worker (10) ROU<-STAB OUT

12 Deliver a number while throwing fish out (4) (-F)LING

14 Turn out in case you can learn something from one (8) T(UTO)RIAL

16 Man able to jump on board (6) KNIGHT

17 No female could be such a cat (3) TOM

19 Gloomy cat having something sharp stuck in (6) MO PING

21 Awful roarings where soldiers are gathered (8) GARRISON*

24 Trip one cancelled for those having a trying time (4) J(-O)UR(-N -E)Y

25 Fairy ring starting to change in face of publication (10) PERIODICAL

27 Made part of the structure put up at home (5-2) BUILT-IN

28 Popular lawyer keeping it short (2,5) IN BRIEF

29 In no hurry to get on with a piece of music (4,8) SLOW MOVEMENT


1 Search for person to make a ghostly appearance without any lead (7) MAN HUNT

2 Having tories around to call for some revelry (10) ROISTE RING

3 It might be the saving of one if able to reform (8) LIFEBOAT*

4 Little information on light coming in (6) INF LUX

5 Said to have been instructed to get tight (4) TAUT (~taught)

6 Going badly over the top in a fight situation (7) R(O T T)ING

7 Work after work (5-4,3) SPARE-TIME JOB

10 Both sides being correct departed (5,3,4) RIGHT AND LEFT

13 Nice bridle so tangled you wouldn't believe! (10) INCREDIBLE*

15 Record endless rise of valuable material (3) (-D)LOG<-

18 Spoil one spell by the sea (8) MAR I TIME

20 Not completely prejudiced (7) PARTIAL

22 A church person's crass to get involved with it (7) SACR(I)S(T)

23 Incline in the direction of building that needs support (4-2) LEAN-TO

26 Agitation in a fish pond (4) STEW

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The ET Crossword No. 4203 Thursday, April 02, 2009

Grid @


1 Learner found half dead during a trick performance (7) STU(DE)NT

5 Bound to put a little weight on the piano (6) P OUNCE

9 Where one might be found to make a speech (7) ADDRESS

10 No time at work to make certain a wreath is provided first (7) LEI SURE

11 Hit back in standard form (3) PAR<-

12 Last resort to avoid losing bedding? (5-6) SHEET-ANCHOR

13 Yellow church hidden by rock (5) O(CH)RE

14 Yellow rigs ruined by perfume (9) AMBER GRIS

16 Yellow quality of business fighting to take gamble (9) CO WAR DICE

17 Subdivide one and take the part that's entertaining (5) VIDEO

19 It may be exercised by driver and tutor (4,7) DUAL CONTROL

22 A brief measure at the rear (3) A FT

23 Benefit from will power after departure (7) INHERIT

24 Drag man round to see the old lady (7) GRANDMA*

26 A bit of a fight to get about (6) A ROUND

27 Fooled by seeing a mythical king in action (7) DE(LUD)ED


1 Be quiet when a politician rings for a cleaner (7) SH A MP OO

2 Not feeling too well in the wind and the rain? (5,3,7) UNDER THE WEATHER

3 River to cross between Bourne End and central Netherton (3) E X E

4 Try to show a little commitment as teacher (5) TASTE

5 Friend with a basis for a meal that's good to eat (9) PAL A TABLE

6 Organisation for getting people married? (5) UNION

7 Found to be committing a crime by employing communists (6,3-6) CAUGHT RED-HANDED

8 They love being part of the pack (6) HEART S

12 Not qualified as thin (5) SMEAR

14 Made unfriendly foreigner break a date (9) ALIEN ATED

15 Raise the purchase and have fun (5) REVEL<-

16 It's a hoax when nothing turns up but apple (6) COD LIN<-

18 Bound to be leaving port this way (7) OUTWARD

20 Island in the Adriatic or further south (5) CORFU

21 Showed anger at the way time is taken inside (5) R(AGE)D

25 Something of a bore? One has a point (3) A(W)L

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The ET Crossword No. 4202 Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Grid @


1 Remove all planes to relieve tension (5,3,3) CLEAR THE AIR

9 The devil in Heather making slow progress (7) L(IMP)ING

10 Take-away person returning food to get large cut (7) BURG<-LAR

11 Sparklers might leave one cold (3) ICE

12 Adjusted with a bribe (7) SQUARED

13 Very interested in getting a fix (7) RIVETED

14 Drink to do up in addition (3) TOT

15 Aimed at disrupting ways of communicating (5) MEDIA*

17 Swift traveller not having to pull back for something to eat (5) (-FREE) LIVER

18 Being simple one's in a taxi going back (5) BA(SI)C<-

20 The girl that is leaving life at an unwanted level (5) SHE L(-IE)F

22 Say that again and it's goodbye to Wooster & Co? (3) POP

24 He gave humbugs for Christmas (7) SCROOGE

25 Picture a box with nothing in it (6) CARTO(O)N

26 Cheer the last half (3) (-HOO) RAH

27 Not the corner building (7) ROTUNDA

28 Charm Una more subtly (7) ENAMOUR*

29 Trouble about underwear revealing nothing on in the gathering light (7,4) {HAR(VEST) (M} O ON)


1 Rise to a non-racing occasion? (4,2,2,7) COME UP TO SCRATCH

2 English farm animals said to show wit (7) E PIG RAM

3 Some idea of following the outfit without deviating (5) RIG ID

4 Take the rest of the winter to brew a thin beer (9) HIBERNATE*

5 Coming to represent a two-headed competitor (7) AR<- RIVAL

6 This or that member of the family? (8,7) RELATIVE PRONOUN

7 Not much room near the beginning (6) CLOSE T

8 He's in business to hurry up a mission to get rid of foreign currency (6) TRAD<-ER<-

16 Frantic peers having to be moved during the day (9) D(ESPER)ATE

18 Ribs to be stewed in a restaurant (6) BISTRO*

19 He delivers numbers from a creditor or takes one in (7) CR O(ONE)R

21 A long way to travel carrying an artist - what nonsense? (7) FAR RA GO

23 Write an acceptable line in financial difficulty (6) PEN U RY

25 Take in warmth after getting cold (5) C HEAT

Monday, March 30, 2009

The ET Crossword No. 4201 Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Grid @


1 Ruined Edward shortly returning with the widow (8) DE RELIC T

5 Protection from the glare that shows a way to hell (6) S HADES

9 Top European performer a heavenly guide (4,4) POLE STAR

10 Not having finished growing fruit (6) RAISIN(-G)

12 River that's quick to cross - don't laugh! (4) STY X

13 The nicest Reds can give it to you straight (10) DIRECTNESS*

15 No restrictions on travel (2,2,3,6) GO AS YOU PLEASE

19 Protect teacher in charge of craft entries (7-6) HARBOUR MASTER

23 Able to grasp problem in her sleep (10) PREHENSILE*

25 Like to turn it into wine (4) AS TI

28 They've been banished from French islands (6) EXILES

29 Descent from a broken pier edge (8) PEDIGREE*

30 They make a change from wearing slacks (6) TIGHTS

31 Performer of entertaining take-offs (8) STRIPPER


1 Cancel sitting and remove from the throne (6) DE POSE

2 Get together with the right friend (5) R ALLY

3 Rich drunkard (4) LUSH

4 Cautious about it being seen as a hand-out (7) CHAR(IT)Y

6 It represents the core of the Arthurian legend (5) HEART

7 Collapse of spider wriggling on the breeze (9) DISREP AIR

8 Threatening to give offence with strange rites (8) SIN ISTER

11 Admirer of attractive girls rejecting ties (4) BEAU (-TIES)

14 It makes a good person light-headed (4) HALO

15 Red in trouble when the group gets round to working on a plot (9) GA(RDE NI)NG

16 Measure of resistance round the Queen (3) O HM

17 Being thin one's likely to get plastered (4) LATH

18 It's sent to start cheering people in a way (8) S(HIP MEN)T

20 Plant in a hurry (4) RUSH

21 Complaint of one beset by mental trouble (7) A(I)LMENT

22 Nothing being held up by a flap that's long and narrow (6) LINEAR

24 Not yet occupying the office one's chosen (5) ELECT

26 Not much of a fight (5) SCRAP

27 She appears as if doubled up (4) FIFI?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The ET Crossword No. 4200 Monday, March 30, 2009

Grid @


6 Rule riot out and move it deviously having a hidden agenda (8,6) ULTERIOR MOTIVE*

9 Sent out with a big smile (6) BEAMED

10 Somewhere to stay mixing old drink with ginger and soda starters (8) LOD GIN G S

11 Finding bottom price for each move is a nuisance (8) CHEA PEST

13 Ask to be a member of the party (6) INVITE

15 Work here when no longer skating (6) OFF ICE

17 One might offer an opening for Pearl (6) OYSTER

19 Stone or wood attracting a large reduction (6) ASH LAR

20 Setback for a girl after always backing the right (8) R EVER SAL

22 Grub tins perhaps not big enough for what's inside (8) BURSTING*

24 Pace in which one takes things on the move (6) STRIDE

26 Buyer or seller of a royal house? (8,6) MERCHANT PRINCE


1 Hardy character achieving no fame as no-good legal figure (4,3,7) JUD(-G)E THE OBSCURE

2 Came across one being put up as part of the collection (4) I TEM<-

3 Get angry at restraint (6) BRIDLE

4 Cunning inclusion of dirt on soldier in a way that reveals smears (8) S(MUD GI)LY

5 The case for mixing it with the European Union (4) E(T)U(I)

7 Former pupil not in time to become devoted to religious life (6) OB LATE

8 Get in varied tea cooked with no meat in it (10,4) VEGETARIAN DIET*

12 No good - it doesn't even begin to be permissible (5) (-L)AWFUL

14 One of those exercising political power (5) VOTER

16 Time for fun that can rival riot (8) CARNIVAL*

18 Fear of becoming the last soldier in battle (6) F(R)IGHT

21 Room in church for an undercover line (6) VEST RY

23 Dismiss for drink (4) SACK

25 Somewhere to exercise when not yet 15 (4) RINK (or RING)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The ET Crossword No. 4199 Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kicking this off - thanks to Shuchi's instructions @ ( on how to find it!

It will be tough finding time to do both Hindu and ET crosswords on a daily basis - will try to post as much as I can!

Grid @


1 Where to find somewhere to live around London (4,8) HOME COUNTIES

8 Writing skill needed to dispose of lice (7) ART ICLE

9 Badly cut nail making one mad (7) LUNATIC*

11 Front-of-house promotions (10) ELEVATIONS

12 A head turning to see fish (4) TUN A <-

14 Laid down on entering the church (8) ORDAINED

16 Modern centre arranged back to front (6) RECENT*

17 Money can be a problem (3) SUM

19 It gets one going at a lower level (6) SUBWAY

21 Red Doris gets involved in a riot (8) DISORDER*

24 She is behind an invitation to view (4) L AID?

25 Getting soft and stupid in university finally achieves nothing (10) DIM IN U END O

27 Dodge back to see first goalkeeper's success (7) EVAS I ON <-

28 A northern Ireland strike backed by the beasts (7) A N I (MALS <-)

29 Excellent under strain in reporting action completed (7,5) PERFECT TENSE


1 The rash fellow angered the boss (7) HOT HEAD

2 Michael can do a turn without thinking (10) MECHANICAL*

3 Splits with church leader about sins (8) C RE VICES

4 Where one's high yet might be down (6) UP LAND

5 Man bound for New York (4) TI NY

6 Squeeze out the next non-starter being offensive (7) EXT RUDE

7 The French girl who forced one to go into the river (12) MADE M {OIS(E}LLE)

10 Hire a building for a school (12) CHARTER HOUSE

13 Political activity giving one quite a turn (10) REVOLUTION

15 No use taking religious instruction from an old priest (3) DUD

18 Limit moves by worker prepared to fight (8) MILIT ANT

20 Body of soldiers ordered to protect an oil platform (7) B(RIG)ADE

22 After the depression disposed of food with teeth (7) DENT ATE

23 Spread out (7) PICNIC

26 Turn it up very loud to make a row (4) TI<- FF